See the list of available campaigns TradeTracker has to offer. There's an array of campaigns, across a variety of countries waiting to be introduced to your site. Review the campaign description and apply immediately to start promoting! Term Footwear design shoes that kids will want to wear their whole school lives. Term's ethos is design, comfort and fit. Design because children will wear shoes that they love. Comfort because children can get on with their school day without distraction. And Fit as children's foot health is as important to a child's development as their education.

Fashionable, school-approved styles made with quality leathers and extra comfort features, make Term stand out. School shoes for Generation Alpha kids that know what looks good, whilst actually looking after their young feet, balance and posture.

Term also make colourful, shiny wellies with a cosy, washable sock. Perfect for wet walks to school or just for fun. When the sock is removed the wellies are one size larger - wellies that grow with your child. So warm and comfy that some kids won't take them off!

Term Footwear is a UK brand founded to make shoes children love... and that are good for their feet. Keeping young feet happy since 2016 🙂