See the list of available campaigns TradeTracker has to offer. There's an array of campaigns, across a variety of countries waiting to be introduced to your site. Review the campaign description and apply immediately to start promoting! Camptoo is an online platform where you can rent a motorhome or campervan directly from the owner. As a result, Camptoo has a unique range of motorhomes, such as family motorhomes, luxury motorhomes, but also trendy Volkswagen vans for a road trip or festival. Because Camptoo gives private individuals the opportunity to rent out their motorhome, they make a holiday on wheels accessible to everyone and can earn an extra income with the rental.

• Largest range of motorhomes & campervans in the UK. More than 1500 unique motorhomes and caravans in the United Kingdom and more than 5000 worldwide.
• Camptoo is also active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Portugal and Australia.
• Visitors can easily filter on their holiday dates and other wishes to find their ideal motorhome.
• Renting a motorhome from Camptoo is cheaper than rental companies because they are motorhomes from private owners.

Sales transactions:
Sales transactions consist of paid low, mid- and high season bookings.

Lead transactions:
Lead transactions consist of owners that list their vehicle on the platform.
In addition, lead transactions are entered for rental applications (yet without payment) for low, mid and high seasons.

• Low = November to April
• High = July and August
• Mid = May, June, September and October

Why sign up as an affiliate?

• You will receive a percentage on the sales, whereby the amounts can be high due to the high booking value. (Average £900,-)
• Ability to promote both renting a vehicle and renting out your vehicle.
• It is possible to deep link to any desired result on the site;
• Extensive options in the field of XML feeds.