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Evenia Hotels PT

evenia hotels pt Evenia Hotels is a hotel chain with 15 establishments in Spain, Andorra, Portugal and Panama ranging from 3 to 5 stars. The chain offers 3 types of products for different segments. The Evenia City Life brand offers urban hotels located in downtown Barcelona, Monte Real (Portugal) near Fatima, Panama City and Alcalá de Henares (a world heritage city next to Madrid) for the urban, modern and nomadic traveler. The Evenia Ski & Nature brand has hotels located near the ski slopes in the Pyrenees and Andorra, perfect for winter sports and mountaineering enthusiasts, as well as mountain biking and other mountain sports. The chain's best-known hotels are resorts, such as the Evenia Olympic Resort in Lloret de mar (Costa Brava) or Bijao Beach resort by Evenia in Plata Blanca (Panamá), all-inclusive resort perfect for a summer family vacation.

Why is it a good idea to promote Evenia Hotels?
- Attractive average ticket: 1090€.
- Wide range of product typologies: Beach, Mountain, City
- Different types of destinations: Barcelona, Costa Brava, Panama, Andorra, Pyrenees...
- Hotels for a large public: families, couples, young people etc.

The commission structure is 50% on the first click, 25% on the last click and the rest distributed among other contact points.

Only Evenia Rocafort, Evenia Roselló, Evenia Monte Alba, Evenia Monte Real, Evenia Olympic Resort (4), Bijao Beach Resort by Evenia and Gran Evenia Panama will go live.
Only Evenia Rocafort, Evenia Rosellò, Evenia Monte Alba and Gran Evenia Panama hotels will be commissioned for cashback affiliates, discount codes and offers.