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5 Common Conversion Killers

Although every online store is different, they all have the same goal, selling. Once shoppers have arrived at your online shop, you naturally want them to convert into a customer. We have put together a list of 5 conversion killers you can get started with today, so that fewer shoppers drop out during the purchase process.

Mandatory Account Creation

Speed and ease of use is an important factor for website visitors. Often, they already know what they want, and they want to be able to get it as quickly as possible. Yet often customers still must create an account before they can make a purchase. In short, customers prefer to go to the shopping cart and then to the checkout page seamlessly, but they can be stopped and forced to create an account in order to continue. According to a study by E-consultancy, 25% of visitors leave the checkout process because an account sign-up is required. As a result of this insight, do not force shoppers to create a mandatory account while they are in the process of making a purchase to improve your conversion rates.

Small and few images

Online images are one of the most important elements shoppers require to help them decide on whether to purchase a product or not. As they do not have access to the physical item(s), it is important that large and clear images are available onsite. Investing time and effort into good quality images gives a valuable real-life impression of the products they are purchasing. This way you can avoid returns that may come up due to inaccurate product photos.

Delivery costs, delivery time and return information

The average online consumer is always on the lookout for delivery costs, delivery time and order return information before completing a purchase. Although, it may seem obvious to most online stores, some do not show this information clearly enough. Often, it is hidden somewhere deep within the website where visitors cannot find it easily or must navigate through multiple pages. It is important and advisable to show the delivery costs, delivery time and return information to the consumers on the product page itself. This way they can process the information on the item’s page, rather than further down the sales process in which it could become a barrier. In addition, do not try to redirect consumers onto other pages on your website, this will take them out of the purchase process and increase the likelihood of an incomplete sale.

Product specifications

Though it may seem obvious, a main conversion killer can be product specifications. No matter what kind of product you are selling, it is always important to have the correct product information. An online shopper always wants to know what they are buying. If the product specifications are incorrect, then the customer will drop out or go to another website to get their products. Make sure you have extensive product information available on your website to support the consumers purchase decisions.

Bad search functionality

Online consumers always want to go through their purchase process as quickly as possible to have a great experience using your online shop. This is why it is so important customers can navigate your website easily to source the product(s) they are searching for. Therefore, a website should have good search functionality allowing consumers to quickly find the right products.

Test your own websites search function. Did you find the products you were searching for easily? Did you find it to be an easy experience to get to the right product(s)? If not, then implement changes so that the search functionality improves and your customers experience does to.



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