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Ring Intercom

ring intercom With Ring Intercom you can upgrade your compatible audio or video intercom handset, so you can speak to whoever is at your building entrance and buzz them in from your smartphone using the Ring app.

Answer Your Intercom from Anywhere

By upgrading the functionality of the intercom already in place, we’re offering a solution that lets you add the convenient, easy-to-use features that our customers know and love. It could be a friend popping by or a can’t-miss delivery while you’re out at the office. Ring Intercom sends real-time alerts whenever your apartment intercom is pressed, so you know who’s there even when you’re not. With features like Two-Way Talk, you can speak directly to whoever buzzes your apartment, using the Ring app. Plus, after verifying your visitor, you can use Remote Unlock to let them into your building – no more leaving friends standing outside in the rain, or rushing to the intercom to let in a guest.