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Making an income from affiliate marketing has never been so easy. We host a number of respected brands who are eager to partner with great affiliates like you.

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Creating a website can present a dizzying array of choices from your site’s setup. Once you’ve defined a targeted approach to meet your audience needs you want to monetise your site. So, who to entrust with your online advertising? This is where TradeTracker offers you all the tools required.

Our network is composed of affiliate leaders in online advertising. They know the level of functionality and detail that is required to be profitable in our industry, which is exactly the reason why they choose us. When working with TradeTracker, you’ll be provided with a number of insights that will help you craft a strategy that converts and with such an array of advertisers, you’re sure to find one which caters to you, and reflects the reason your audience sought you in the first place. Through supplying you with all the necessities and more, you can monetise channels that will reward you for all your hard work.

The Basics

Our network connects you with reputable brands seeking the attention of a high quality audience. TradeTracker provides the perfect platform in connecting you with the ideal materials and offers a place to formulate the optimal way to lead your audience down the path to conversion.

The Basics


You’re rewarded for every campaign you lend your hand to. Offering attractive commission systems that ensure you’re acknowledged for the role you’ve played in transactions. Payouts are quick and completely transparent. You can be rest assured knowing at what stage your earnings are. From Tracking, to invoicing, to your pocket.

Industry Leading Software

An intelligent and understandable interface works alongside you to make optimising your approach an easy task. We offer a diverse set of tools that allow you to dig deep into your results, filter out the relevant information and present it for optimal use. Benefit from a broad spectrum of creatives and tools all integrated in one platform, you won’t need anything else.

Industry Leading Software


Putting everything together is light work. No need to make any drastic changes to your site as our software works with you to make the introduction to affiliate marketing a profitable one. All you’ll need is a game plan, keep an eye on your data to keep track of your results, and adjust from there.

Possibilities & Objectives

Equipped with our platform you have direct access to a broad spectrum of advertisers, allowing you to connect with them and formulate campaigns that work in tandem. Within your grasp will be a rich array of information to gauge exactly how you’re achieving your targets and where refinements can be made.

Possibilities & Objectives

Introducing Affiliate Marketing to your Site

A glimpse into the path you’ll take to your online success. It’s a simple and exciting few steps towards start-up.

Step 1

Sign Up and Begin Your Journey

Joining is simple, and in no-time you’ll have a new suite of capabilities to help market campaigns to your audience.

Step 2

Identify Key Advertisers

Jump in to see a number of potential advertisers to partner with. You’re sure to find those that work perfectly with your channels.

Step 3

Place Creatives Swiftly

Quickly and easily choose from a wide array of creatives and tools to integrate with any of your content.

Step 4

Watch Your Site Pay-Off

Check your campaign’s earnings at will and get paid within 72 hours after a transaction approval.

State of the Art Interface

The tools needed to craft profitable campaigns

Publisher Slide 1
arrowBring the information that is relevant to you to the surface, and arrange your panels to personalise your experience.
Publisher Slide 2
arrowSet challenging monthly and annual targets for your account and keep striving for more.
Publisher Slide 3
Satisfy that constant urge for updates. Monitor your overall performance and share it with peers.
Publisher Slide 4
arrowIntergrate our super tag and save heaps of time benefiting from automatic link replacement on each of your media.
Publisher Slide 5
arrowNeatly matching relevant products to your content has never been easier. Browse, promote, earn!
Publisher Slide 6
arrowKeep track of your earnings at every stage of the financial cycle. Know when you get paid!

All the Features you Want

Fair remuneration models

Real Attribution is a game-changing approach to affiliate marketing and it’s motivating publishers with fair rewards, added value, transparency and results like no other.

Deep Linking

Uncover a variety of ways to link to merchants on a desired page to aid your visitors and increase conversion rates.

Software as a Service

No costly upgrades and overhauls, with us you’ll always have the latest version without any hassle.

Multi-device Ready

The ability to login and access your information no matter your situation, our interface is optimised to support a wide variety of devices.

Reports in Real-time

Information is updated as it happens, so you are at the forefront of what’s happening with your campaigns

Payment Analysis

Have a complete and in-depth overview of your revenue streams and review their status for payment to your account.

  • Accessible to Multiple Users

    You can add permissions for a full team to access your information and customise their accessibility options to suit their role.

    SEO Friendly

    Our links are built for consumer confidence, linking directly to your aimed landing page. Our scripts will not affect your ranking with search engines.

    Financial Overview

    Always keep track of your earnings and monitor your key ratios for all interactions you’ve had with your hosted advertisements.

    Easy Communication

    Get in touch with your advertisers quickly through our ticketing system. Allowing you to hone your campaigns together and further optimise them.

    Create Optimised Rotators

    Design and optimise your own banner rotators based on pre-set KPIs to generate results with automated efforts.

    Browse Campaign Portfolio

    Our search function provides you the ability to find campaigns that are the right fit for you.

    Extensive API Functionality

    Allowing you to automate almost every process, there is no need for manual report generation or updating of product feeds.

    Super Fast Payment

    We offer you the quickest payout in the market! Get paid within 72 hours after transaction approval, allowing you to swiftly re-invest into your online activities.

    Multi-Site Management

    Manage all your international sites from the same login and interface. Aggregate your results to equip yourself with a holistic view of your results.

    Complete Support

    We have a complete support section where you can find the answer to a variety of questions or ask your own to dedicated staff.


    Incorporate a supertag on all your pages to enable the full suite of available automated tools, including the powerful link replacer.

    Custom Reports

    Create customised reports based on the tags you’ve assigned. Analyse your efforts not just per campaign, but per material item and more.

    Flexible Panels

    Configure your interface in a way that suits you, by adding and removing panels to see your most relevant information.

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Trusted by Brands

Leading online brands have chosen to work with TradeTracker, so you’ll have a number of reputable companies to promote.

Ali Express
Disneyland Paris
Emirates flights

So Many Reasons to Choose TradeTracker

All the tools you need for a profitable affiliate marketing approach

Custom Widgets

Utilise a great variety of customizable widgets for your audience to enjoy and lead them to conversion.

Extensive API

Start automating. Create custom product and voucher feeds, build specific reports, and receive your payment information.

Straightforward Interface

Present your information in a way that suits you, allowing you to easily interpret your data.

Endless Advertisers

No matter your niche, we have such a huge selection of advertisers that you’re bound to find those ideal to your audience.

Start Earning

Enjoy a number of ways in which you can monetise your site. Identify your key market and focus your revenue streams.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We are a team of result driven affiliate junkies, devoted to performance and always looking to make the advertising world a better place. Reach out and learn how we can accelerate your online business.