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Sales of smartphones have fallen sharply

It was expected that the coronavirus crisis would impact our finances, but no one could imagine that fewer than 151.4 million smartphones would be sold this year compared to the same period in 2019. It seems that we are all just waiting a little longer before we buy a new smartphone.


Due to the effects of Coronavirus in the first half of this year, the number of smartphones sold fell from 745 million units to 594 million units. Samsung seems to be the hardest hit, having suffered a reported decrease of 25% in sales. While at Huawei, this was only 11% and Apple seems less affected by this trend with only a 4.5% loss. This trend demonstrates a need to adapt for leading smartphone retailers in a fiercely competitive environment. In addition, every penny counts now more than ever before, so it is important for organisations to make strong commercial decisions when coming to strategic investment decisions.

Lifespan of smartphones

Buying a new smartphone is no longer an essential; especially nowadays, it has become a major investment!

The average person uses their smartphone for 4.2 years, according to a survey by the American Consumer Technology Association (CTA). An alternative study by the French electrical group Fnac Darty, currently suggests smartphones are retained for 3 years .


Fortunately, there are a number of accessories that a person can add to their smartphone, for example, a case or screen protector. It is also advised that you keep your smartphone updated with the latest software releases available. In fact, when people get tired of their smartphone, it is not because of the device itself; but their need and want for a new gadget. People are attracted to new trends. This offers some great opportunities for the sellers of these devices and accessories, by acquiring a whole new consumer base through affiliate marketing. We can ensure that businesses can generate new sales in an accessible way and attract a new (loyal) customer base.

Affiliate Marketing

There is a lot of competition for both phone providers and sellers of smartphone parts and accessories. That is why it is important to stand out from others in the market. At TradeTracker we employ specialists, who know exactly how to ensure your campaign generates as much traffic and sales as possible. Contact your Account Manager to optimise your online campaign.


Comparison Shopping Services go hand in hand with affiliate marketing

Comparison Shopping Services go hand in hand with affiliate marketing


Will 2021 be a last-minute year?

Will 2021 be a last-minute year?

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