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rains Rains is a modern lifestyle brand that designs waterproof rain gear for global citizens. Rains has clear Scandinavian roots, resulting in an uncompromising approach to simplicity, anchored in both functionality and relevance. Rains believes that good rain gear should not be at the expense of a well-considered design. That is why Rains clothing, bags and accessories are designed to withstand the worst weather conditions, and at the same time stylish and modern.

The name
The name Rains is an ode to the element against which the products of Rains protect us: the rain. This word has traditionally stood for both joy and discomfort, which is why Rains wants to give it a new meaning by highlighting the possibilities - instead of the inconveniences - of bad weather conditions. In this way every product becomes a party for all the opportunities that are possible on a rainy day.

Rains has been involved since 2012 with the innovation of high-quality rainwear. Rains began redefining the traditional rubber raincoat and launched a single product: the poncho. In the following season, Rains launched a complete collection with waterproof clothing, bags and accessories. To this day, every collection builds on this idea: reviving traditional rain gear in the form of original rain gear that is exclusively available at Rains.