Találja meg a teljesítmény marketing iparág legfrissebb híreit, értesüljön a legújabb tippekről és trükkökről, melyek az Ön affiliate marketing kampányának teljesítményét is növelhetik. Itt értesülhet a legmenőbb véleményvezérek által végzett elemzésekről és a TradeTracker-en belüli életről.


Black Friday Shoppers Browsing in Force

Black Friday is becoming increasingly popular with the UK shoppers. There is a large shift from offline, physical store shopping, to online. The ease of access, combined with easily accessible discounts and higher exposure through landing pages and emails from merchants is adding to the large YoY revenue increases. This year, TradeTracker UK has seen an exceptional average increase of over 200% in affiliate spend.

Interestingly, we’ve seen a larger revenue increase from the previous year, 2016-2017 for Cyber Monday than Black Friday. There could be several reasons to explain this: firstly, with payday for most being later in the month, it could be that customers waited to be paid. Secondly, the hype around Cyber Monday (the UK originated day) has picked up traction from last year. Thirdly, it could relate to the strength of the discounts being offered on Cyber Monday this year.

We’ve seen retail and travel merchants, with gambling in close third, succeeding particularly well amongst those numbers. Could this lead to a shift in the general Q1 travel sales?

An exciting added metric we have this year are how well Real Attribution merchants have performed over the traditional Last Click model merchants. With over 10% of clients using the industry exclusive Real Attribution, we are now able to see better insights in the complete conversion customer journey, where at the same time the merchant is able to reward all of the touch-points accordingly. We’ve seen customers have researched products before the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and then chose to buy once the discounts have applied. Through this, our content sites, price comparison and voucher/cashback sites are all able to work in union.

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