Your trademarks are essential in the search process and play an important role in directing traffic to your website, but besides you, other market players, such as competitors, partners and resellers try to profit from your brand. In order to protect your brand, TradeTracker has developed a tool which monitors the use of your brand across search channels and detects brand abuse in search ads.

How it works

You can determine which keywords shall be monitored as well as the search channels. The AdMonitor is able to crawl both regular and mobile search channels. You are alerted whenever possible trademark infringements that meet your alerting criteria are detected. With the help of sophisticated algorithms, the software is also able to find the affiliate IDs of many other affiliate networks through which the affiliates are running your campaign. The AdMonitor is also fully integrated in the TradeTracker interface which means you don’t need to login to another system. The results of the searches are displayed on your dashboard and you can drill-down to have a closer look at each search result.


What we detect

URL and Ad Text Hijacking

We identify infringers who use your ad text and display URL, but before visitors land on your website they are routed through affiliate links. Because such ads bear resemblance to your own ads, this type of infringement is particularly difficult to detect without sophisticated software.


We identify infringers who limit the display of their ads to certain hours of the day, especially during the evenings, nights and weekends as it is less likely that you spot these ads.

Reverse Geo-Targeting

We identify infringers who use reverse IP-geo-targeting. By using this method, an infringer will try to display the ad in certain specified cities and/or regions only.

Link Cloaking

We identify infringers who make improper use of a diversion to hide (cloak) the original source of traffic. Together with your Account Manager you can review the brand monitoring results and create whitelists of affiliates or other partners whose activities should not be flagged/interpreted as threats.

By consulting your Account Manager, they can help you formulate the best approach when reviewing your results and can help you compile whitelists of affiliates who’s presence should not be flagged as threats.

Search Engines Supported

Choose a Package to Suit

To find a package that will cover your searches is a question of understanding your keywords, online presence and how thorough you’d like to be. As we commit searches on every hour of the day, all you need to do is identify the number of keywords you need following and over how many different search engines.

For example:
If you’d want to follow 10 keywords, across 3 search engines and at 24 hours a day.
Then you will conduct 720 (10 x 3 x 24) searches a day, which would qualify you for the “Advanced” package over a complete month.

The great thing is that you’re never limited, and have the flexibility to adjust up and down depending on the situation you’re in. Feel free to get in touch with your account manager to help in selecting the right package for you and to assist in the set-up of your parameters.

Packages and Pricing

Basic Plan

£ 75 a month

Up to 2,500 included searches per month.

4p per additional search.

Advanced Plan

£ 199 a month

Up to 25,000 included searches per month.

3p per additional search.

Premium Plan

£ 399 a month

Up to 250,000 included searches per month.

1p per additional search.

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