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Publisher Spotlight: Kelkoo Group

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TradeTracker regularly puts various publishers, advertisers or media agencies in the spotlight. This time in the spotlight: Kelkoo Group.

What is the history of Kelkoo Group?
Kelkoo’s history began in 1999, in France, with the idea of providing users with a tool for comparing the prices of online stores, a service that was previously unknown. In the following years and afterseveral mergers, our company acquired an international scope, extending its presence to 11 European countries. This kind of internationalisation has been   a key feature that has led us over the years to reach the extraordinary number of 41 countries in total where we do business. Kelkoo then became the  Kelkoo Group, following the acquisition of Le Guide Group. Over the years, the nature of the company has changed, trying to adapt to what is a different digital ecosystem: we are gradually abandoning a position of pure price comparison andtherefore B2C, to become a digital advertising and consumer analytics platform, with a greater emphasis on B2B. Our commitment remains to the promotion and growth of our clients’ revenues.

What is the secret behind Kelkoo Group’s success?
It’s the people, who are a unique asset: this is recognised by our clients. For us, a 1 to 1 relationship is essential to be able to work on the same wavelength. Understanding our clients needs is a necessary step in order to grow together.
Another secret is the ability to adapt quickly to a digital ecosystem that has changed profoundly over the years. 20 years in the same business is a long time and there are many companies in our sector that have had to interrupt their journey over the years. We’re still here and we’re solid, so that’s something to be proud of.

How does it work?
With the ‘Performance’ solution, our algorithms work to position our customers products on a network that reaches millions of consumers. This network is made up of our price comparison sites, Google and Bing Shopping Ads, content sites and review sites. Kelkoo Group selects the best mix of traffic based on each advertiser’s objectives to meet their expected performance needs.

How and when did you incorporate CSS activities?
Google launched its programme dedicated to comparators, also referred to as CSS (Comparison Shopping Services), after the record fine it received from the European Commission in June 2017. The remedy that Google has put in place allows all sites that compare prices online to be able to publish shopping ad merchants also on Google Shopping. We have been operating on this front since the launch of the service.

Why choose Kelkoo?
Because we always have one thing in mind, customer satisfaction. If we are able to meet their needs, their business objectives and goals, this also means success for us. Providing qualified sales and new customers to our online dealers is our mission.

What challenges await you in 2021? What do you expect from affiliate marketing in this new year?
The biggest challenge is related to the historical moment we are living in. Our business, like so many in the world of ecommerce, has grown considerably throughout 2020. The biggest challenge will be to maintain this good performance in an uncertain economic environment. We expect affiliate marketing to give us the opportunity to work with additional online shops that want to grow.
Affiliation allows advertisers to considerably increase their customer base and achieve the desired KPIs.

Do you have any advice for advertisers who want to create a successful programme through affiliation?
Our advice is to pay close attention to the creation of the feed. An up-to-date feed, complete with all the fields and parameters necessary for proper indexing is essential for good conversions and greater visibility. It is also important to define an adequate level of commission that allows us to convey quality and interesting volumes for e-commerce.

Why work with TradeTracker?
TradeTracker is a player we have been working with for many years, not only in Italy but in all countries where there is a dual presence. In 2021 I think it is important for any merchant to look at internationalisation as well. Kelkoo Group and TradeTracker may be the answer to this need.
Ease of use of the platform is another plus that an online shop should consider and TradeTracker offers a tool that is easy to configure and effective.


Increased sales during the holidays

Increased sales during the holidays


New Country Manager

New Country Manager

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