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We’re Global

TradeTracker is internationally present, and as members of the online community, we know better than anyone the internet’s ability to make national borders irrelevant.

Our global office presence helps us remain approachable and relevant to individual national markets, while also opening a network of potential international partners.

An ambition to grow has led to our presence in over 19 different countries, while we continually make plans for our next big venture.

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In a market dominated by Last Click, TradeTracker presents Real Attribution. Motivate your publishers by making their effort worth more and by recognising their value through our game changing models.

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Real Attribution Models

Real Attribution is designed to give advertisers full control in optimising campaigns, which reward all publishers involved in the Customer Journey. Whether they are initiating, assisting or converting. Five robust attribution models and a customisable solution give advertisers the power to weigh the elements that count, to multiply the results achieved in more inspired, to set up more attractive campaigns and to reward publishers appropriately.

First Touchpoint

First Touchpoint

First touchpoint gets all. Useful when you want to focus on getting more traffic and branding from publishers with a vast reach. A great strategy for brands with emerging brand value.
Custom Model

Custom Model

Achieve optimal targeting of your publishers’ audience by assigning relative weights to their operating categories. Create an appealing model for those publishers matching the defined target group.
Last Touchpoint

Last Touchpoint

The traditional, last touchpoint gets all model. Totally customisable by using exceptions for specific site types and most applicable to direct purchase transactions.


This model rewards publishers more favourably if their touchpoint are closer to the conversion and consistently proves the most suitable model for price-sensitive products and short-term promotions.
Linear Model

Linear Model

A model which values all involved publishers evenly, which applies very well to campaigns which require consumer interaction throughout the entire purchase funnel.
Position Based

Position Based

Useful if you value the publishers who introduce your consumers to the brand and those who gave the final push. Well suited for campaigns with a longer decision-making process.

A Powerful Custom Model

Add weight to components most important to you, and create your tailored model. A powerful solution which allows additional valuation principles for individual site types or categories - leveraging the added value of any publisher activity. Define the elements to include and their relative value in line with your campaign goals.


Position Based

Position Element

By assigning a value to the position element, such fraction of the total commission is attributed to publishers for their initiating, converting and assisting position in the transaction.


Price Comparison

Type Element

The type element attributes the fraction of commission for the relative weight of involved site types. It allows prioritisation of particular site types without the need to exclude any publisher type.



Category Element

Achieve optimal targeting of publishers’ audience by assigning relative weights to operating categories. Create an appealing model for publishers matching the defined target group.

A typical Customer Journey

Consumers visit different websites during the Сustomer Journey. All publishers involved are now fairly rewarded, resulting in more promotion and a higher return.

New Channels, Increased Revenue

Fair Share

Fair Share

Real Attribution ensures fair rewarding of all publishers, based on their promotions and their hard work to generate transactions.
Added Value

Added Value

You have full control over the eCPC's that you assign to specific categories, positions or channels to value them as you wish.
Full Transparancy

Full Transparancy

Enhance your attribution model as much as desired by incorporating different elements without compromising transparency on either publishers' or advertisers' side.
Result Increase

Result Increase

Thanks to attribution, publishers ROI values will increase and lead to them directing more traffic and transactions to your campaigns.

Industry Savvy

Download the Real Attribution brochures to discover the benefits of Real Attribution for your specific industry.

It’s Time For Travel

It’s clear to see that multiple publishers in typical Customer Journeys play their part with a contribution from initial orientation phase right through to the moment of booking.
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This Is Savvy Services

No industry requires more information to be provided than the services industry. Consumers spend time searching for those details enabling them to make their decision.
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Let’s Talk About Telecom

Telecom advertisers can now identify affiliates with the potential to reach customers early in the orientation phase and reward them accordingly.
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A Sound Shopping Experience

From fashion to electronics, the pool of highly active publishers employing a range of concepts is almost infinite. Reward them for their efforts to inform and incentivise consumers.
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High Fidelity In Finance

A broad range of financial products require well-informed consumers. Often influenced by email and reviews, their path to purchase is flexible and involved many channels.
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Looking to deliver true performance to brands you represent? Real Attribution gives advertisers the power to weigh the elements that count most when increasing revenue.
Get in touch!

Real Attribution Insights

Find out more about the huge shift in both campaign performance and publisher behaviour that has been succesfully achieved since the launch of Real Attribution.

TUI Netherlands | Performance shift with Real Attribution

TUI Netherlands
Performance shift with Real Attribution

TUI, as the world’s number one multinational travel and tourism busi...
Download Insight
Real Attribution models vs. Assisted Commission model

Real Attribution models vs. Assisted Commission model

Many of the advertisers switching to Real Attribution were working or ...
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Real Attribution: | Changing consumer behavior

Real Attribution:
Changing consumer behavior

Since the launch of Real Attribution there has been a huge shift in bo...
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Real Attribution: | Dive into custom attribution model

Real Attribution:
Dive into custom attribution model

Advertisers starting with TradeTracker’s Real Attribution have the p...
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Real Attribution | from competition to cooperation

Real Attribution
from competition to cooperation

Since the launch of Real Attribution there has been a huge shift in th...
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Real Attribution: | more than simply splitting commission

Real Attribution:
more than simply splitting commission

Determining the optimal attribution model in the online marketing worl...
Download Insight

Getting Started

Set your goals and define your model
Increase relative importance of the publishers that fall into specific categories by weighing their position within the attribution model. Work with your account manager to define the attribution model that perfectly matches your goals.
Communicate and reach your publisher base
When your model is defined and ready to launch, make sure your publishers know about it. You have a true competitive advantage! Publishers you deem important will see an increasing ROI fast - so ensure they give it all for the best results.
Monitor and optimise
TradeTracker lets you enhance your attribution model with exciting new elements, such as the facility to add CPC or CPM components for selected publishers, so you can really maximize the performance of your campaign.

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