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Expondo FI

expondo fi Comission terms for expondo Affiliates

· Commission will be paid for all our products
· Commission is based on the product price without tax
· An order is qualified for commission if the order is not returned to us within 30 days after the purchase (we will check that the order is paid, sent and not returned to us)

Order validation will be performed after 45 days at most (usualy it is closer to 30 days). Transactions made from the beginning of 2023 will be validated on the basis of GA4 attribution. This may cause some of them to be attributed to other sources, but transactions from channels such as: - direct - organic - CPC brand - CPC display, will still be considered valid.

You can find our vouchers and promos here: https://tinyurl.com/yyln6fv7

Please keep in mind that publishers are not allowed to advertise in search engines with our company name or our own brands: expondo, Royal Catering, MSW, Ulsonix, Stamos, Stamony, bredeco, Fromm & Starck, Goldbrunn, Gymrex, hillvert, incubato, physa, Singercon, Uniprodo, Welbach, Wiesenfield, Steinberg, Steinberg Systems.

There are many advantages for being an expondo Affiliate

· We have a high average order value which guarantees attractive commissions
· We provide you with all the content (creatives, banners, copy, articles) that you need for promoting our products
· Frequent sales and promos on our shops

What type of publishers do we work with?

We work with all kind of publishers except PLA and branded-search engine marketing publishers.