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Nubia FI

nubia fi Our affiliate program offers a commission of up to 5% per sale made when someone visits https://intl.nubia.com and makes a purchase within 90 days of clicking a link on your digital property (website, blog, social media site, etc.). Join our program today and start earning commission promoting one of Best Mobile.

Advantages for Publishers

-Global brand fame
-Up to 5.0% commission
-30-days Cookies
-Great banners and text links available.
-Data Feeds & Widgets are available.
-Sign up process is free, easy and fast!
-Monthly newsletter and incentive campaign.

Advantages for customers

- Quality product with the latest innovative technology
- 24/7 Help Center
- Free standard shipping
- 14 Days Return Guarantee
- 12 Months Warranty for Smartphone
- Buyer protection guarantees: Transactions protected until the customer confirms delivery