Expanding the TradeTracker portfolio of campaigns requires dedication In order to maintain our network diversification, integrity and effective position, there are a few qualities we recommend our new clients possess.

Renowned Brand or Startup?

There is one thing each of the TradeTracker campaigns have in common – they’re attractive for publishers to promote. Much like operating your business, you’re in a competitive world and you need to stand out.

Campaign Management

TradeTracker’s platform is super intuitive for almost anyone to manage, but as everything in life, it takes commitment to make it successful. We’re able to provide consultancy and even full program management services all to suit your needs. As an alternative to having TradeTracker build and manage your campaign, we have strong relationships with market leading agencies and are more than happy to get you connected. Your decision to outsource campaign management should be based on the following:

  • Do you want (and have the resources) to invest in a specialised affiliate marketing team?
  • Are you able to continuously improve your customer’s purchase process?
  • Can you create the right creatives to suit the needs of your affiliates?
  • Are you able to implement technical requirements?
  • Is your current agency able to meet your international needs?

Build Relationships

Once you unleash the potential affiliate marketing has to offer you’ll need affiliates and in an ideal world they need you. However, the truth is they need you while you’re competitive as that leads in their highest returns. See your affiliates as an extension of your sales force – which means they experience your organisation culture. Don’t just be good to them, be great:

  • Be a proactive communicator, open and transparent. Share your goals for them to meet.
  • Create incentives, pools and competition. Set targets for bonuses or build multiple tiers.
  • Be open to ideas, utilise the wisdom of the crowd – your affiliates.
  • Lower your affiliates’ risk. Build hybrid models by adding a CPM or CPC.

Define Goals

Building an attractive and stabile campaign is rooted in a combination of important factors, of which a key component is return. Keep in mind, with CPA campaigns the publisher risks it all – they have no control over the visitor once they pass on to your domain, but they too need to determine ROI before they try yours. Define your goals and let it reflect in your campaign policies:

  • Define your commission model: do you want conversions, branding, or both?
  • Will you allow any means of promotion, or allow only certain site types?
  • Start the conversation and manage expectations. What do you want?
  • Approve transactions quickly. The publisher invests in you, so return the favor.
  • Pay on time and use prepayment! It’s a vicious circle.

Do you meet the requirements?

We are a team of result driven affiliate junkies, devoted to performance and always looking to make the advertising world a better place. Reach out and learn how we can accelerate your online business.