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Mobile Metrics gives you insight into your Mobile App Starts and Installs through your campaigns by monitoring and tracking cross-device touchpoints and rewarding publishers accordingly.

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Nowadays it is quite impossible to consider a life without mobile apps. We can count on many of them to find information, order food or book the next city trip. Whether you are aiming for new app downloads / user acquisition or want to increase engagement with current users through mobile devices, Mobile Metrics will contribute to your goal. Track customer journeys across different devices to monitor user interactaction through a variety of touchpoints towars an actual purchase, and reward publishers according to their investment and contribution to the achieved required actions.



Installing the mobile application after you have downloaded the mobile application through marketplaces, such as; Google Play or Apple App Store.



The first time that you open the mobile application on your mobile phone after you have have downloaded and installed the mobile application.


In-app purchases

Examples of in-app purchases are: booking a hotel, ordering clothes or purchasing an upgrade for the game that you might have been stuck on for some time.

A typical Customer Journey

With TradeTracker's Mobile Metrics it's now possible to track mobile apps through your campaigns! With Mobile Metrics, TradeTracker is capable of tracking and showing touchpoints in an insightful way, which are being created through cross-device and can reward publishers for their efforts.


The benefits of TradeTracker’s Mobile Metrics



Keep track of your most important metrics to cover new downloads, users launching the app for the very first time and see the number of in-app transactions increase.
Event Tracking

Event Tracking

App interaction is critical to understand. Therefore, the SDK allows app owners to define in-app events allows to create bespoke reports and better determine lifetime value.
Cross-Device Attribution

Cross-Device Attribution

Cross-device attribution allows different media sources and touchpoints to be rewarded as they are involved in combined exposure to apps and other owned media channels.
Deep Linking

Deep Linking

Deep linking allows direct landing on the right destination, no matter the channel, media source or type. You are able to get your visitors where you want them to be.

Supported Marketplaces

Google Play

Google Play

Apple App Store

Apple App Store

Getting Started

Set up your mobile apps campaign
Increase the relative importance of the publishers that fall into specific categories by weighing their position within the attribution model. Work with your account manager and define the actions you want to attribute to.
Communicate and reach your publisher base
When your mobile campaign is defined and ready to launch, make sure your publishers know about it. You have a true competitive advantage! Publishers you deem important will see an increasing ROI fast - so ensure they give it all for the best results.
Monitor and optimise
TradeTracker lets you enhance your attribution model with exciting new elements, such as the facility to add CPC or CPM components for selected publishers, so you can really maximize the performance of your campaign.

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