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TradeTracker åpner kontor i Argentina

Her følger en pressemelding om at TradeTracker åpner kontor i Buenos Aires i dag:

Press Release

TradeTracker, leader in performance marketing has arrived in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Monday 26th of November 2018:  The platform of affiliate marketing for advertisers and merchants with the broadest coverage of all affiliate networks, continues its expansion and has reached Argentina.

The official launch will take place on the 26th of November at 10 am, at the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, Av. Libertador 1902, CABA, with the presence of Philip Keckeis, Director of International Operations, Salvatore Punzo, Director of International Market Development and Ted Vendramin, Regional Manager Latam, as well as other members of TradeTracker’s team.

TradeTracker offers its’ services in 24 countries worldwide, with strong presence in 3 continents. Its launch in Argentina will give TradeTracker Argentina a great push within the Latin American region.

With its unique technology of Real Attribution and innovative and easy-to-use transparent software, customers can access all the information and tools needed to optimize their online revenue streams. Philip Keckeis, director of International Operations mentioned he feels very proud to be able to introduce an essential tool for those want to take advantage of the growth of online commerce, increase traffic and obtain results with minimal risk to the advertiser.

– About Argentina –

Argentina, without any doubt, is an important center for E-commerce in the Latin American Region and our office in Buenos Aires is at the center of this development. Ted Vendramin, regional manager Latam, guarantees that “the arrival of TradeTracker will change the digital landscape in the country, bringing great benefits to customers, whom, thanks to the technology of Real Attribution (the first and only in the affiliate market) will increase their sales up to 20 percent.”


TradeTracker brings together the best and brightest of the online community, working together towards the goal of enhancing their performance marketing. Providing a network that suits both advertisers and publishers, TradeTracker hosts a platform offering real-time, understandable and most of all transparent data to strengthen their client’s online sales results.

TradeTracker has designed their proprietary software with the user in mind, ensuring a coherent platform where decisions are reached through clear insights. Through Real Attribution, advertisers can include any online advertising channel paid on performance.

Avenida del Libertador 1002, 1638 Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: +54 1159841140,



11.11 Singles Day

11.11 Singles Day


TradeTracker continues its global expansion into Argentina

TradeTracker continues its global expansion into Argentina

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