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We are TradeTracker. A global team of result driven affiliate junkies, devoted to performance marketing and accelerating online business. Driven by our commitment to technological innovation we offer unrivalled solutions.

On our way to becoming the undisputed international number 1 in the Affiliate World, we have grown to become an international company by expanding to 24 countries, and counting.

With the consistent growth of our company we aim to have a consistent growth of the TradeTracker team too, which is why we are currently extending our entire team at the TradeTracker.com International Headquarters in Almere.

Of course, the best products need the best people. Driven people, devoted to innovation, devoted to performance and devoted to responsibilities.


We provide you with extensive training and development opportunities throughout your carreer. So apply now and achieve your full potential!

All we need from you is to leave your contact information through the apply button above this message, (the rest is optional) and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Do you have any questions or do you wish to contact us immediately? Please call us: +31 88 8585 509.
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TradeTracker’s International Performance Marketing Award submission

Real Attribution Launch Event With Launch Partner TMG

Vi er globale

TradeTracker er representert internasjonalt, og som medlemmer av nettsamfunnet vet vi kanskje bedre enn noen andre hvordan vi gjør landegrenser overflødig.

Vår globale tilstedeværelse gjør oss tilgjengelig og relevant på alle lokale markeder, samtidig som vi åpner opp for et nettverk av internasjonale partnere.

Våre vekstambisjoner har gjort at vi nå er tilstede i mer enn 19 land, mens vi kontinuerlig planlegger vårt neste store skritt.

North America


Få siste nytt om resultatorientert markedsføring, tips og triks til hvordan du kan forbedre affiliatemarkedsføringen din, grundige analyser av forskjellige temaer fra utvalgte ledere og en titt på innsiden av TradeTracker.

27 November, 2018 by rpelgrim TradeTracker News

TradeTracker continues its Global expansion into Argentina TradeTracker is continuously growing at a fast pace as part of its global expansion plan. With operations delivering outstanding results for advertisers and affiliates in all existing markets – and the introduction of a Real-Attribution model – the time has come to enter the third Latin-American country, Argentina. […]

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26 November, 2018 by TradeTracker Norway TradeTracker News

Her følger en pressemelding om at TradeTracker åpner kontor i Buenos Aires i dag: Press Release TradeTracker, leader in performance marketing has arrived in Argentina Buenos Aires, Monday 26th of November 2018:  The platform of affiliate marketing for advertisers and merchants with the broadest coverage of all affiliate networks, continues its expansion and has reached […]

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13 November, 2018 by rpelgrim TradeTracker News
11.11 - Singles Day TradeTracker

Singles Day is one of the greatest online discount events and a popular holiday that has come over from China. At Alibaba (Ali Express) Singles Day was held for the tenth time this year and again it broke all records. A turnover of 1 billion dollars was realised within 85 seconds from the start. Ultimately […]

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12 November, 2018 by TradeTracker Norway TradeTracker News

Black Friday faller i år på 23. november og Cyber Monday på 26. november. Det amerikanske fenomenet har virkelig truffet Europa. De aller fleste butikker har en Black Friday-kampanje og gir rabatter til shopping-sultne forbrukere. Noen deltar bare på selve Black Friday, mens andre kjører Black Weekend. Noen kjører offensivt på med tilbud i mer […]

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16 October, 2018 by Gui Gagliardi TradeTracker News

TradeTracker er glad for å kunngjøre suksess etter en strålende kveld på International Performance Marketing Awards. I årets seremoni mottok TradeTracker prisen for “Best Performance Marketing Campaign” i MENA-regionen, som fremhever vårt arbeid med Sun & Sand Sports. Med TradeTracker’s erfaring og gode relasjoner til publishere i MENA-regionen og gjennom fremragende influencer-management, klarte Midtøsten-selskapet Sun and […]

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11 September, 2018 by Rob van Bergen TradeTracker News

TradeTracker is pleased to announce we have been shortlisted for 6 entries in the 2018 International Performance Marketing Awards. Categories include “Best Full Service Network” and “Best Performance Marketing Technology” as well as regional entries spanning the globe. 2018 has seen TradeTracker grow around the world, with new markets allowing us to operate a truly […]

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09 August, 2017 by pkeckeis Attribution TradeTracker News

Advertisers starting with TradeTracker’s Real Attribution have the possibility to choose between a variety of models. Five out of the total of six attribution models reward touchpoints based on their position of the path, while the custom model allows for other factors to be considered. In this version of “Insights” we will dive into this custom model […]

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29 July, 2017 by pkeckeis Attribution TradeTracker News

Since the launch of Real Attribution there has been a huge shift in both campaign performance and publisher behavior. These changes are apparent at the individual publisher level and also at a global level within TradeTracker. The most noticeable changes to the customer journey, in terms of the number of active publishers, average conversion path length, number of touchpoints […]

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20 July, 2017 by TradeTracker UK Attribution TradeTracker News

Many of the advertisers switching to Real Attribution were working or considering working with an “Assisted Model” in which assisted touchpoints are rewarded. In practice, there are big differences in the flexibility, performance, and ROI of both models. In this document we elaborate on the difference between “Assisted Commission” setups and “Real Attribution”. When using […]

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08 July, 2017 by pkeckeis Attribution TradeTracker News

Last week, Deloitte published a detailed report on the programmatic market. Although the report mainly highlighted how programmatic (and video) advertising is flourishing, it also showed that eCPM for banner display advertising is decreasing year-on-year, with an average CPM of € 0.62 in 2016, 13 cents lower than the year before: a decrease of approximately 20%. Premium sold display […]

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