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New feature release – Tracking Apps & Mobile Metrics

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TradeTracker’s newest feature, Mobile Metrics, gives merchants the opportunity to add their mobile app as a part of their campaign to track and monitor app installs, app starts and in-app transactions through cross-device touchpoints to reward publishers accordingly.  

What is Mobile Metrics?  

Nowadays, close to 250 billion mobile apps are downloaded per year and a continious and increasing growth is predicted making it close to impossible to consider a life without mobile apps. We can count on many of them to find information, order food or book the next city trip. This is why mobile applications create huge opportunities for your online revenue.  

Implementing Mobile Metrics into your Affiliate Marketing campaign on the TradeTracker platform gives you the opportunity to insightfully track, monitor and report results, interaction and activities from your mobile app. This leads to a better insight into the contribution of your affiliates, giving you the opportunity to reward them accordingly. 

How do I benefit from Mobile Metrics? 

Whether you are aiming for an increase in mobile app installs, user acquisition and in-app transactions or just simply want to increase engagement with current users through mobile devices, Mobile Metrics will contribute to your goal. 

Metrics – Track and monitor your mobile statistics and metrics to stay up-to-date on any app interaction taking place.  

Event Tracking – In order to set up your Mobile Metrics campaign it is important to have your goals in mind when it comes to app interaction. Determining which actions and events that you wish to push makes it easier to set up a reward system and to track these events, after implementing the SDK. As a result it is easier to determine lifetime value and create bespoke reports.  

Cross Device Attribution – What happens when a consumer jumps from tablet to mobile and from mobile to desktop? How are touchpoints measured throughout these devices and how will which publisher than be rewarded? The answer is: Cross Device Attribution. This allows different media sources and touchpoints to be rewarded, based on combined exposure to apps and other owned media channels.  

Deep Linking – Deep linking allows direct landing on the right destination, no matter the channel, media source or type. You are able to get your visitors where you want them to be. 

How do I get started with Mobile Metrics?   

Step 1. Set up your mobile app campaign  to increase the relative importance of publishers by weighing their position within your attribution model. Define the actions that you want to attribute to.  

Step 2. Promote your mobile campaigns amongst your publishers. 

Step 3. Monitor and optimise. Enhance your attribution model with new elements, such as adding CPC or CPM components for selected publishers. To maximise the performance of your campaign. 

Download our brochure and contact your local Account Manager to get started now!


Publisher Spotlight: Global Savings Group

Publisher Spotlight: Global Savings Group


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