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Operating in the digital sphere is competitive, and every additional component you utilise could be the influential piece that sets you apart from the competition. It’s not enough to simply be present in performance marketing, you need to implement your campaigns with a strategy formed alongside decisive information. This is where TradeTracker comes in.

Upon every login you’re greeted with key insights that relate to your campaigns, and have the ability to utilise a network of reliable affiliates who are sought-after for their content and targeted audience. As a platform established on the merits of transparency, you can track the interactions of your audience and create a path to purchase that will facilitate desired results. All whilst opening the door to a number of global opportunities with an team who possess an in-depth knowledge of your industry.

The Basics

Our network is a collection of the leading authorities on the internet, and once you’ve employed your campaign with us, you can feature your brand and product with an array of reputable affiliates. Through exposure to their targeted audience, you can leverage your online advertising by delivering high quality visitors to your site.

The Basics
No Win No Pay

No Win No Pay

We’ve adopted a no-win-no-pay model, so if you don’t get paid, neither do we. Therefore it’s in our best interest to see you operating optimally and fully utilising our platform. By offering a variety of payment solutions through which you pay a set commission only when you achieve results, our aim is to ensure the campaign you have can be tailored to your desired outcomes.

Virtual Salesforce

Pairing you with the affiliates that best represent your brand or products, and arranging them to advocate or sell your campaign. The exhausting task of searching for affiliates is made easier by the process of them approaching and registering with you. All while you still have ultimate control when determining which affiliates to accept and which transactions to approve.

Virtual Salesforce


Launching with TradeTracker is a piece of cake, and you’ll have access after completing our simple application process. You can communicate with a dedicated account manager directly, while there’s also a variety of materials to consult for any questions. A range of support is on hand to make the process an easy one, and we’re always available to help get you on your way.

Possibilities & Objectives

Our platform provides a full scope of information that is valuable to a number of online insights and approaches. We’re not just here to drive your sales, our software will benefit the implementation and tracking of a variety of other campaigns, regardless whether you look to improve branding, increase site visits or gather leads.

Possibilities & Objectives

How to Maximise your Return on Ad Spend?

The process to optimising your ad spend is an ongoing one. TradeTracker provides you all the tools you need to formulate the best approach to an ideal spend on media.

Step 1

ROAS Insight

A rich supply of information awaits you at every login. Interpret what is relevant to you, and build your campaign around any observations.

Step 2

Pay for Performance

Feel free to connect with your account manager and pull as much input from them as possible. They’ll delve into your approach and advise your next best avenue.

Step 3

Optimise Your Campaign

Equipped with all the information you need, you’re now able to assemble the ideal approach to optimise your campaign.

Step 4

See Your Profit Increase

Through carefully refining a campaign to suit your affiliates, audience or both, you can now sit back and watch your revenue grow.

State of the Art Dashboards

Providing advertisers the transparency and marketing intelligence needed to direct digital advertising with confidence

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arrowBring the information that is relevant to you to the surface, and arrange your panels to personalize your experience.
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arrowSet challenging targets for your account and quickly react to new information at your fingertips.
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arrowTrack every single touchpoint and determine its value to optimise channels used for any of your campaigns.
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arrowGet connected with our extensive API opportunities and automate from transaction assessment to personalised reporting.
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Satisfy that constant urge for updates. Monitor your overall performance and share it with peers.

All the Features you Want

Value-focused attribution models

Five predefined models and a custom model breathing new life into performance campaigns. The move from last-click towards value-focused models is delivering integrity, results and rewards.

Promotion Material Report

With ease you can see which of your affiliates is using which materials, which materials are converting well and which should be optimized.

3rd Party Integration

Easily connect a variety of tools you’re currently using, like analytics, tag-management and many others.

Complete Support

We have a complete support channel where you can find the answer to a variety of questions or even ask your own.


The quickest turnaround of payments to your affiliates available on the market, allowing them to reinvest in your campaigns as soon as possible.

Acquire Affiliates Easily

If there’s a publisher you’ve personally identified, you can supply them an application form to immediately register them to your campaign.

  • SEO Friendly

    Our scripts have no effect on your page loading times and will not affect your ranking with search engines.

    Software as a Service

    No costly upgrades and overhauls, with us you’ll always have the latest version introduced without any hassle.

    Reports in Real-time

    Information is updated as it happens, so you are at the forefront of what’s happening with your campaigns, always!

    Segmented Information

    Narrow your information down to period of time, market, site type or site tags to hone in your exact requirements.

    Affiliate Site Report

    Gather quick insights into affiliates with background information and ratings for their branding, traffic and conversion abilities.

    To-do List

    Pick up where you left off, with an easy to use note-taking system that allows you an oversight of your pending tasks and bookmarked pages.

    Individualised Commissions

    Assign an individual commission structure to your best performing affiliates, allowing you to work together closely and boost conversions.

    Integrated Ticket System

    Directly communicate with affiliates through an integrated communication tool, allowing you to greater direct your campaigns towards success.

    Multi-device Ready

    The ability to login and access your information no matter your situation, our interface is optimised to support a wide variety of devices.

    Voucher Codes & Consumer Offer Feeds

    Create exclusive voucher codes for your affiliates or share your existing consumer offers to gain additional traction amongst your affiliate’s user base.

    Accessible to Multiple Users

    You can add permissions for a full team to access your information and customise their accessibility options to suit their role.

    Customizable Interface

    Bring the information that is relevant to you to the surface, and arrange your panels to personalise your experience.

    Campaigns for Multiple Countries

    Specialise your campaigns per country whilst keeping track of their results, all from one login.


    Allowing you to automate almost every process, there is no need for time-consuming transaction assessments or manual feed updates.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    We have a team of account managers who work specifically within your industry, so they’re up to date with the best techniques relevant to you.


    In order to protect your brand, we’ve developed a tool which monitors the use of your brand and relevant keywords across search channels and reports abuse in search ads.

    Custom Reporting

    The ability to identify specific sets of data important to you, and group it in an easy to read snapshot for your interface which can even be automated.

    Click Origin

    Identify the exact pages which affiliates are sending you traffic from. Use it wisely to optimise your placements amongst your affiliates.

    More Less

Real Attribution

Real Attribution is designed to achieve more revenue and reward all publishers involved in the consumer journey.


Fair Share

Real Attribution ensures fair rewarding of all publishers, based on their promotions and their hard work to generate transactions.

Added Value

You have full control over the eCPC's that you assign to specific categories, positions or channels to value them as you wish.

Result Increase

Thanks to attribution, publishers ROI values will increase and lead to them directing more traffic and transactions to your campaigns.

Full Transparency

Enhance your attribution model as much as desired by incorporating different elements without compromising transparency on either publishers' or advertisers' side.

Get connected straight out-of-the-box

We offer a wide variety of extensions for well-known e-commerce solutions.


Do you use a different system than listed above? You may use our implementation portal to extract
the code most suitable for you.

Mobile Metrics

Mobile Metrics gives you insight into your Mobile App Starts and Installs through your campaigns by monitoring and tracking cross-device touchpoints and rewarding publishers accordingly.


Keep track of your most important metrics to cover new downloads, users launching the app for the very first time and see the number of in-app transactions increase.

Event Tracking

App interaction is critical to understand. Therefore, the SDK allows app owners to define in-app events allows to create bespoke reports and better determine lifetime value.

Cross Device Attribution

Cross device attribution allows different media sources and touchpoints to be rewarded as they’re involved in combined exposure to apps and other owned media channels.

Deep linking

Deep linking allows direct landing on the right destination, no matter the channel, media source or type. You’re able to get your visitors where you want them to be.


AdMonitor: Protect your Brand

Discover one of our products aimed at safeguarding your brand and ensure no one is using your hard earned reputation to leverage their own agenda.


URL/ad text hijacking

Single out infringers who use your ad text and display URL, but before visitors land on your website they are routed through affiliate links.


Identify those who limit the display of their ads to certain hours of the day, especially during the evenings, nights and weekends as it is less likely that you spot these ad.

Reverse geo-targeting

Find infringers who use reverse IP-geo-targeting. By using this method, an infringer will try to display the ad in certain specified cities and/or regions only.

Link cloaking

Identify infringers who make improper use of a diversion to hide (cloak) the original source of traffic.

Trusted by Brands

Many companies have already chosen to work with TradeTracker. No matter if you are a big or small brand, we work for optimum results.

Ali Express
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So Many Reasons to Choose TradeTracker

All-access to the cutting-edge solutions for your performance marketing


A platform which offers a complete insight of the conversion path, and allows full control of your campaign.

Unbeatable Support

Unparalleled support and a dedicated account manager to help optimise your results.

Ease of Use

All the quality features you need with a simple and intrinsic usability.

Global Reach

We can manage your worldwide growth with local experts in each of our 19 international offices.

Easy Setup

A hassle free setup that makes your campaign available in no time.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We are a team of result driven affiliate junkies, devoted to performance and always looking to make the advertising world a better place. Reach out and learn how we can accelerate your online business.