Understanding the customer journey and how it’s influenced by affiliates actively promoting your campaign can be challenging. Take a deep dive into the conversion path and analyse your customer’s interactions with affiliates before purchasing a product or generating a lead. No matter the affiliates’ channel used, from blogs to comparison sites, mobile or desktop, you’re able to analyse the full conversion path and influence affiliates to better achieve your goals.

How Conversion Path Tracking works

In a market where the last click model is predominantly applied, much effort is made by publishers to obtain that position in the customer journey towards conversion. However, more than 95% of all affiliate transactions involves more than one affiliate promoting your campaign. Traditionally the affiliate responsible for the last click is rewarded a commission and reported to your transaction overview.

Conversion Path Tracking brings change to this principle and provides merchants and affiliates full insight to all Touch Points involved in the transaction. This transparent approach gives users more insight to their position and related returns which allows merchants and affiliates alike to amend and optimise their strategies in being of added value. Whilst advertisers obtain much more detail to which publishers are involved and what position they take in the customer journey, publishers can apply their tenets to achieve required campaign results.

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Use Conversion Path Tracking to your advantage


Conversion Path Tracking helps identify affiliates who are often overlooked for the benefits they provide in the lead-up to a conversion. Through optimising the reward models for these particular affiliates more traffic will come from these publishers, which will directly or indirectly result in more transactions.


Gain revolutionary insights to the involvement of any relevant publisher in the customer’s path to purchase and compare it to your own achievements. Explore how you stand out from the competition and optimise your approach to achieve optimal results from your campaigns.

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