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Oman Air launches its first affiliate program with “Real-Attribution” exclusive with TradeTracker

On the 14th of July, Oman Air officially launched its first affiliate program in the UK in cooperation with TradeTracker. Both parties signed an exclusive contract, which allows Oman Air to be part of a quickly growing group of advertisers who will offer “Real-Attribution” to its publishers.

TradeTracker recently launched Real Attribution – a game-changing new technology which makes it possible for advertisers to fairly reward all affiliate marketers who contribute to the customer conversion path. This technology helps companies move away from the outdated ‘last click’ model and generate more revenue for their customers.

Real Attribution enables Oman Air to see the added value of all affiliates involved in their program and reward them accordingly. Affiliates involved earlier in the conversion path are now able to plan their marketing activities with a potential to earn more commission in mind. The result is richer content aimed at a more defined target audience across the full purchase funnel.Further to this, with more affiliates involved in the conversion path, Oman Air will see an increase in conversions and can move their online advertising spend to the performance channel.

TradeTracker was founded in 2004 and is now the largest network in terms of global coverage operating in 20 countries over 3 continents. The network manages performance marketing programmes across all major sectors including travel, shopping, telecoms and finance.

Oman Air is the flagship carrier of the Sultanate of Oman and an Official 4 Star Airline (Skytrax 2011). Oman Air is a luxury full service carrier. This can be realized by offering quality, comfort and a seamless passenger experience, high level of service and safe operations. Oman Air offers in the UK a double daily flight from London and a daily flight from Manchester to 49 destinations around the world.

If you want more information about this campaign, please call Dan Makwana, Senior Account Manager at TradeTracker UK: +44 20 3397 7296.

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