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Transavia continues expansion with TradeTracker

TT Event Transavia UK Opening 1.1

We are pleased to announce that Transavia has expanded their operations with TradeTracker to three new markets, following a positive collaboration since they launched on the network in 2018, the airline is now live in 9 markets across Europe.

Thanks to strong results in the Netherlands and France, showing an 800% increase in the number of active affiliates within 3 months, a 30% growth in turnover and transactions, and a 5% increase in average order value, the airline is now expanding to run affiliate activity in the UK, Germany and Poland.

This also follows a successful collaboration utilising TradeTrackers game-changing Real Attribution technology. Since switching from a last-click model, the brand has seen a 250% increase in traffic from the initiating and assisting stages of the customer journey. In turn, this has helped the brand realise a revenue contribution of 150% from upper-funnel publishers.

Based on these results we look forward to taking this work to the next level with a strong performance in the UK and other new markets.

“Thanks to the cooperation with TradeTracker, we were able to expand our reach in the affiliate channel drastically. Because of this expansion, we managed to create a huge growth in performance. After a good starting phase of the new cooperation, we switched to the Real Attribution possibilities at TradeTracker. This change gave us the next boost in the affiliate channel, where we noticed that we were promoted more and more by upper funnel affiliates. This was the goal of Transavia for a long time and to our satisfaction, we now managed to reach this goal. We are now working on and looking forward to the next big change in our network, to create the next boost in performance!” – Matthijs Ophuijsen, Campaign Specialist at Transavia

You can find out more about our work with Transavia by watching the testimonial from Matthijs and by reading our case study here.

Transavia is now live in the UK and Germany, and Poland. You can join their affiliate programme in these markets right now. To find out more contact our account management team about how you can work with Transavia. Not yet a TradeTracker affiliate? Make sure you join today and be a part of the largest global affiliate network today.


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