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Glorious Gangsta and TradeTracker to cause a stir in the fashion industry

Glorious Gangsta and TradeTracker begin their exciting partnership following the recent launch of the brand’s new site. The urban fashion brand, which is part of the Footasylum group, has gained momentum very quickly and is set for a successful campaign in the coming months.

Glorious Gangsta have entered an exclusive agreement with the industry shaking Real Attribution, which will reward affiliates equally and fairly by recognising the importance of each touch-point in the conversion path. The shared commission also leads to affiliates working together to achieve the conversion goal.

The brand has taken an independent leap, going from previously being a sub-brand on the main Footasylum site to having its own standalone website. The new site was launched on Tuesday 17th October, with a large amount of interest from customers, both on the site and across social media.

Glorious Gangsta are keen to start their affiliate marketing programme with a bang, with the main objectives being: building brand awareness, attracting quality affiliates and increasing conversions.

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TradeTracker brings together the best and brightest of the online community, working together towards the goal of enhancing their performance marketing. Providing a network for both Advertisers and Publishers, TradeTracker hosts a platform offering real-time, understandable and most of all transparent data to strengthen their client’s ability to make the right decision. Currently hosting offices in 16 countries and employing over 160 people, it has the widest European coverage and is the only western network operating in the GCC. TradeTracker has designed their proprietary software with the user in mind, ensuring a coherent platform where decisions are reached through informed insight.

Glorious Gangsta is inspired by the diverse cultural elements of the modern lifestyle, offering a range of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. With a modern mix of urban street couture and high-end fashion, all taking influence from music, art and architecture of the current times.

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