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TradeTracker shakes-up the market by providing detailed insight to publishers on their position in the conversion path. In a market where the last click model is predominantly applied, much effort is made by publishers to obtain that position in the customer journey towards conversion. However, more than 95% of all affiliate transactions involves more than one affiliate promoting your campaign. TradeTracker’s Conversion Path Tracking tool gives publishers that much required information to better compete in their niche to generate results for the advertiser’s campaigns and, consequently, be rewarded adequately.

Advertisers are given full detail to explore all interactions their customers have with affiliates promoting their campaigns. Being able to identify those affiliates predominantly involved at the beginning of the customer journey, but missing out on their converting capabilities, enables advertisers to value and remunerate adequately. It allows for better long-term relationships and securing publisher involvement at all stages in the customer journey.

Publishers have the possibility to review their position and analyse their results against other publishers competing for their piece of the commission-pie. Being able to review other site types and channels their visitors are involved with, allows publishers to invest in those activities which result in satisfying the advertisers’ needs best. Curious minds have the ability to get even more details on their position compared to other publishers, taking things up a notch from site type only. When publishers enable their details to be shared with others in “public mode”, it allows them to review site names from those publishers who’ve enabled the same. Consequently, for those publishers who continue to operate in “private mode” have access to site type details only – indicating peers as “blog” or “comparison site” for example.

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Hur Affiliates kan utnyttja Instagramannonser

Hur Affiliates kan utnyttja Instagramannonser

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