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Tips for Father’s Day

Fathers DayIt’s Father’s Day this Sunday the 18th of June. Each year, TradeTracker’s advertisers deliver a multitude of exciting promotions, offers, rebates and incentives, which are sent out in our daily campaign updates.

This year will provide an excellent opportunity to match your promotions with Father’s Day. Recently, TradeTracker launched Conversion Path Attribution, making the first and only affiliate network in the world to reward all publishers who have contributed in making a sale.

To help you get started, we’ve got 3 tips to help you get the most out of Father’s Day for both advertisers and affiliates.


1. Implement Conversion Path Attribution
Distinguish your campaign from your competition by choosing Conversion Path Attribution! Applying an attribution model greatly increases publisher interest to promote your campaign, especially when compared with your competition, who have yet to apply.

Position Based
A good model to reward publishers that introduce consumers to your brand and publishers who persuade them to a conversion. Recommended for campaign with a relatively long decision process.

2. Create a special offer for Father’s Day
Through a special Father’s Day campaign you can significantly increase the performance of your affiliate campaign. For example, the removal of shipping costs, or a free shopping service.

3. Motivate your publishers with an incentive
Providing your affiliates an incentive allows you to further motivate them to prioritise the promotion of your campaign. This involves setting up a temporary commission increase, or offering one or more gift cards/certificates (which of course can be exchanged at your webshop).


1. Promote the right campaigns
By promoting a campaign that has implemented one of TradeTracker’s attribution models, you significantly increase your chances of earning commission. For example, recently moved to a position-based attribution model. This means that as an affiliate you receive 40% of the total commission when you are responsible for either the initial touch-point or the converting touch-point. The remaining 20% of the commission will be divided among the assisting touch-points. offer a wide range of flip-flops, the perfect gift for dad, which makes the promotion of this campaign extra interesting now.

2. Promote the right offers
Many of TradeTracker’s advertisers have very attractive offers for Father’s Day, sometimes in combination with a voucher code. Choose the right offers that match with your audience, to increase conversions.
For example, there’s a voucher code available for 25% off men’s memory foam flip-flops at Heydudeshoes.
In your account, you will find all current offers and voucher codes under Creatives -> Incentives.

3. Advertise at the right moment
Not everyone is that organised. Year in year out a large group of consumers postpone the purchase of Father’s Day presents to the very last moment.
Father’s Day is always on a Sunday, which means that there’s a peak in online transactions on the Thursday and Friday before.
By optimising your promotions and online investments you benefit most from these peak days.
Have a great Father’s Day!




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